Print email chains in Outlook in chronological order

The Problem

Emails usually have all the preceding messages in the chain appended to them. When you reply to an email the original message is added to the end of your reply.  This happens every time the conversation goes back and forth.  Quite quickly a chain builds up with the original message right at the end of the current message and multiple replies in between.  When you print such an email chain the messages read in reverse order, which makes it hard to follow the narrative of the conversation.

To reorder the chain so it can be read in date order the appended messages must be reversed using cut and paste. This is a fiddly, time-consuming and mistake-prone task.

Many civic bodies have specific requirements about how evidence is presented. Typical of the British system are the amendments to Practice Directions under the Civil Procedure Rules (“the CPR”) come into force in April 2019. As of that date, paragraph 27.13 of Practice Direction 27 ( which might commonly be referred to as “paragraph 27.13 PD27 CPR”) provides that:-

Unless the court otherwise directs, contemporaneous documents in the trial bundle relied on by the parties or either of them should be assembled as a single unit in chronological order of creation.

That is easy enough to specify but how can you actual achieve it?

The Solution

PrintForTrial is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that can do this for you.


PrintForTrial will not only save you time but present the evidence you need in a professional manner.

If you are a solicitor, a barrister, or any other professional preparing emails to submit in evidence at a trial or other hearing then you need PrintForTrial.