Background Information

Links to some useful articles are given below.

Trial Bundles: Why the are important and how to get them right   An article from the Law Society Gazette

How to prepare an Appeal Bundle for the Court of Appeal    A document from the Civil Appeals Office Registry


While most visitors to this site will know exactly why our logo is what it is, some may not.  For them here is a brief explanation.

In the English legal system, documentary evidence that is to be presented to the court is usually brought together as a "trial bundle".  In practice this is usually just one or more ring binders or lever arch files.  Traditionally, an advocate (a barrister or, in some cases, a solicitor) would prepare or be given a brief containing the necessary to prepare for trial.   The brief would be tied up with a ribbon.   Red is the traditional colour of the ribbon (hence the phrase “cut through the red tape”), although white ribbon is used (less and less often) when the instructions come from the Treasury Solicitor.  In the past, green ribbon was used for affidavits.

While the links above may be useful for the professional a simpler introduction for the lay person can be found below.

Preparing a court bundle   A general introduction on preparing trial bundles from the web site for "Dedicated", the Legal Secretary Journal.