You can download and install the PrintForTrial software free. (Current version:   24-July-2019)

Once installed it will run in evaluation mode which means you can print up to twenty email chains before you need to register.  To use PrintForTrial without restriction you need to register.  For details see the Buy page.

PrintForTrial  will work with all desktop versions of Outlook from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2016.

Click here to install

If you have Outlook running you will need to close it before installing.

Exactly what happens when you click the install link will depend on the version of Windows you are running and the version of Internet Explorer, or other browser, you are using.  These are the steps that should occur.

  1. A security warning asks you to confirm that you want to run PrintForTrialAdminPreInstaller.exe
  2. A download progress indicator will show the file being downloaded.
  3. Once PrintForTrialAdminPreInstaller.exe has been downloaded you are asked to confirm you want to run it.  The purpose of the setup.exe program is to check that any components needed by PrintForTrial are in place.
  4. PrintForTrialAdminPreInstaller.exe will start downloading PrintForTrialAdminSetup.msi
  5. Once this is downloaded it you are asked to confirm you want to run PrintForTrialAdminSetup
  6. The PrintForTrialSetup Wizard starts.  You will be asked to accept the End User Licence Agreement before this can complete.

The End User Licence Agreement is included in the Setup Wizard but you can also read and print it here.

For a list of troubleshooting points click here

Version History

For Network Managers

Network managers may find it useful to download the MSI. A link for this is below.

In some cases it will be useful to run the Pre-installer (this is a basic Micosoft setup.exe renamed) which checks conditions before running the MSI. The preinstaller in the link above downloads and runs the MSI from its web locations but the pre-installer linked below expects to find the MSI in the same location as itself. Download both files to the same location then run the pre-installer.

Print for Trial MSI for all users of machine