Screen shots

PrintForTrial allows you to print an email chain in reverse, or chronological order.  It adds a button to your Outlook toolbar and clicking it opens a tabbed form.  The front tab shows the details of the currently select email.

The second tab allows the user to deselect any of the senders who contributed to the chain of email messages.  Their messages will not then be included in the print-out.

The third tab gives finer control.  Messages can be de-selected individually.

The Cover Page tab allows the user to enter or edit his own title and introduction paragraph to be used instead of the default text.

The Preview tab shows the summary text that will be included on the cover page and allows the user to confirm the selections made so far.

Once you are registered your company or professioal name can appear at the top if you so choose.  Here it is Greenhill Software.

The Print tab allows the user to send the job to the printer after choosing any options if appropriate.