PfT adds an invisible bookmark to the start of each new message in the correspondence. This simply gives the name of the sender and the date on which the message was sent. There is also an optional visible header.

The image below shows a typical header added by PfT

The next image shows a PDF created PfT with the bookmarks also created by PfT for a typical correspondence. Each bookmark is almost the same as the heading but the rules for bookmarks in Word (and its PDF export) allow only letters, numbers and the underscore link. Also the length of bookmarks is limited to 40 characters.

If the user chooses the option to save the correspondence with an individual file for each message then the relevant heading and bookmark are still created within each document. The heading will not begin with a message number as its place in any combined document is not yet known. The bookmark will be unchanged. This means that the bookmark will be available in any combined document that is created incorporating the single message documents.

Each heading is marked as a Word Level 2 heading. This means that if you create a combined document using Word and then create a contents page the heading will automatically be included.