How PfT splits messages

When previous messages are appended to the end of an email PfT has to find the start of each message in order split the email’s text into the separate messages within it.

When you reply to a message your email program will add the text of the previous message to the end of the new on. Unfortunately there is no universally agreed method of doing this so identifying the start of each message within an email can be tricky. If every message in your correspondence was composed in Microsoft Outlook you are lucky and the message should be fairly simple to split. However, it is very likely that correspondents have used different platforms and different apps such as GMail or Mail for iPhone or Mac. In such case both the wording and the HTML code behind it can be different.

PfT‘s default method for splitting an email into messages has been honed and refined and will cope with most messages. However, occasions do crop up where PfT‘s method does not give correct results. To help in these situations we have provided an alternative method you can try. This method looks for a dividing line between messages and may give different results compared to the default method. To use this method you will need to turn it on in the pre-loading options which are available on the menu. See Menu

If both these methods fail then please contact us. If you can send us the email that was not split correctly we may be able to find out why and make further improvements to PfT.