Free download

You can download and install Print for Trial free. The current version is (15-Jan-2024).

Once installed PfT will run in evaluation mode. You will be able to select one or more emails and click the PfT button so you can see how it breaks up and sorts the message() within. and will be able to preview the resulting output. However, you will only be able to actually print or export the cover page and the first message. Once you pay and register these restrictions are removed. For more details see Evaluation.

NB PfT will work with all desktop versions of classic Outlook for Windows from Outlook 2007 onwards. It will not work with Outlook for the Mac or the web page version of Outlook. From 2024 Outlook have replaced their Mail app with something called New Outlook. If you search to download Outlook that is what you now get. However COM add-ins do not work on it and that includes Print for Trial. You can still get the classic desktop Outlook but only through an Office365 subscription.

To download click here.

The link above downloads and runs a small pre-installer. This checks for the right level of permission and downloads and runs the Microsoft Installer file (MSI). Network Managers and others may prefer to download the MSI by itself.


As an alternative, you could download both the MSI file and the local pre-installer (link below) to the same place and then run the pre-installer. The only difference to the standard install is that the local pre-installer does not look on the internet for the MSI and expects to find it in the same location as itself.


See version history

If you have problems installing or PfT does not appear on your Outlook ribbon then look here.